The Butterfly Tree Charity

Friends, three years ago I began the search for a friend to help us improve Nampuyani community school. It was in such a pathetic situation that fellow teachers, my family and even supervisors thought I had gone mad to come and work in such a school. This almost got me down but the light and hope I saw in the pupils’ eyes spurred me on. I went from office to office, NGO to NGO, from church to church looking for help. But all I got were doors slamming in my face, folks thinking I was crazy or a conman. This went on until I meet the Butterfly Tree Charity. They understood our predicament and were willing to help. Friends, your prayers have helped. Come to Nampuyani in a few months and see what these people have done for the humble and poor children of Nampuyani.


The Butterfly Tree Charity

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