Some thoughts and thanks…

Its hectic but worth it…coz we planting the future. Thumbs up to Diane Ragone for donating the seedlings, the Butterfly Tree Charity for thier support, Brad and Connie for thier moral and spiritual support, Julie for her insight and passion for the project, Josh Schneider, Garry and Blair for thier tireless efforts…this story is incomplete without you guys 🙂

Members of this group are requested to share ideas on how best to do this noble project. Every idea is welcome guys! Mine!! Though weird 😉 Lets encourage bathroom orchards. Why? Every home in the village has a bathshelter and it is used everyday. So waste water just flows or sinks into the ground. Some homes have planted a few bananas and pawpaws behind bathrooms and they flourish 🙂 What of bathroom breadfruit trees !

No ultra mordern greenhouse, no hitech equipment. But we are planting the future the best way we can. We share and beg and by the end of 3yrs there will be food for our sisters and brothers.

Some thoughts and thanks…

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