Planting A Future For Zambia – Basic Info About The Project

Welcome to Planting A Future!

This is our new blog. We want to use this platform to introduce you to our project, aims, visions, plans, hopes and dreams.

Planting A Future

My name is Lloyd and I am a teacher in Chinkonono village in Zambia. I know that we can achieve big things and can change people’s lives in Zambia. I will be using this blog to give you updates on our project.

So…to make a start I would like to give some basic information about who we are, what we do and what we plan.


Objective: We want to grow breadfruit tree and other fruit tree seedlings in order to supply them to schools and poor household with a view to end chronic hunger and malnutrition among children and other vulnerable people in Zambia, starting in the Kazungula District.

Challenges: Due to the lack of garden equipment, irrigation equipment and educational materials for teaching villagers it is challenging for us to expand and reach many beneficiaries. Also the transport for distributing the seedlings and ferrying manure and black soil is problematic at the moment.
Despite all these challenges the group has done a lot in terms of mitigating hunger around the village by distributing seedlings .

Perspective 1: By the end of 2017 we want 14 schools to have fruit tree orchards to provide pupils with fruits and horticultural skills.

Perspective 2: By the of 2017 we wat 100 homes to have orchards providing nutrients to all family members.


  • already distributed to housholds in Chinkonono: 15 Mulberry seedlings, 25 Guavas, 20 Pawpaw seedlings
  • imported 150 breadfruit trees
  • planted 200 Pawpaws, 190 Guavas, 200 Oranges and 200 Muringa trees.

Project profile: Planting A Future is an ambitious project started by members of Chinkonono and Mubuyu co-operative society to provide fruit tree seedlings to schools and villages around Nguba. The project is located in Chinkonono village, in the Kazungula District. The village is located 58km west of Kalomo town and about 200km from Livingstone. Chief Nyawa is in charge of this region.

Membership of the Group:

  • 15 volunteers who collect seeds for the nursery and water seedlings
  • chairman: Mr. G. Milandu
  • secretary and co-ordinator: Mr. Kasela…so me 😉
  • treasurer: Mrs. T. Mulwani
  • 5 committee members


Members of Planting A Future with Breadfruit Seedlings
Members of Planting A Future with Breadfruit Seedlings


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(Xmas) Wish List

A “shopping list” of items we urgently need for the project:

  • a 5000 l tank: 3.900 Kwacha ( ca. 490 Euros or 615 US Dollars)
  • a 1000 l tank: 1.000 Kwacha ( ca. 130 Euros or 160 US Dollars)
  • 2 box wires: 1.990 Kwacha ( ca. 250 Euros or 315 US Dollars)
  • 1 water pump: 3.500 Kwacha ( ca. 440 Euros or 555 US Dollars)
  • 2 wheelbarrows: 1.400 Kwacha ( ca. 180 Euros or 225 US Dollars)
  • 2 shovels: 140 Kwacha (ca. 18 Euros or 22 US Dollars)
  • 2 garden forks: 130 Kwacha ( ca. 17 Euros or 21 US Dollars)
  • 2 rolls barbed wire: 1.590 Kwacha (ca. 200 Euros or 250 US Dollars)
  • 2 pruning shears: 110 Kwacha (ca. 14 Euros or 18 US Dollars)
  • 1 sprayer: 395 Kwacha ( ca. 50 Euros or 65 US Dollars)
  • inlet pipes: 2.400 Kwacha ( ca. 305 Euros or 380 US Dollars)
  • outlet pipes: 4.800 Kwacha ( ca. 610 Euros or 760 US Dollars)
  • 2 shade clothes: 2.500 Kwacha ( ca. 315 Euros or 395 US Dollars)
  • shade netting: 600 Kwacha ( ca. 75 Euros or 95 US Dollars)
  • tankstand: 3.200 Kwacha (ca. 405 Euros or 505 US Dollars)

..and an old motorcycle for touring villages.

P.S. “Kwacha” in English means “sunrise”. So please help us making the sun rise and shine for Zambian people. We are happy about any kind of donations, tools or seeds as much as financial.

If you want to help us out to plant the future for Zambia, please don’t be shy and kindly donate to our bank account. We guarantee that every cent will only be used for the project.

Those are our bank details:

Account Holder: Brunhilde Friedrich

IBAN: DE55 2004 1111 0436 6464 00


Reference: Planting a Future Donation

(Xmas) Wish List

Hard work finally pays off

Breadfruit. Zambia’s rural population experience hunger every year. People resort to eating caterpillars and wild fruits in order to survive. As it is always the case, children are the worst affected. It is so disheartening to see children come to school hungry or if lucky bring one monkey orange for thier lunch.

This sad situation made me search for a nutritious and sustainable food which is not affected by seasons like maize. Since time immemorial, fruits have been saving men from starvation as they are not affected by seasonal changes. It became obvious that fruits were the only answer to the problem. The only disadvantage of traditional and exotic fruits was lack of proteins and carbohydrates.

But luckily enough the Breadfruit Institute was promoting a unique yet holistic fruit called breadfruit. The institute and its partners were distributing the trees into areas where it would grow. Luckily enough, Kazungula District was identified as one of the areas with ideal climate where the trees can grow under irrigation.

In December 2013 I contacted the institute director Dr. Ragone and she donated 150 seedlings to us. Unfortunately, the trees were lost on transit and I almost gave up. Dr. Ragone and Josh Schneider encouraged me not to give up. Garry Grueber, a very passionate and enthusiastic member of Global Breadfruit advised me to find someone who could hand carry the trees from Germany to Zambia.

It was difficult to find one until a friend, Juliane Friedrich volunteered. Julie had decided to come to Zambia in order to get the trees here. The trees finally arrived on 10th October and were quickly taken to Chinkonono village where they were planted into polythene bags .

Oct 10 of 2014: Finally 150 seedlings made their way to Zambia!
Oct 10 of 2014: Finally 150 seedlings made their way to Zambia!

The trees are being kept in a shelter until they are ready to be planted in soil. Once they are ready, that is around january 15, they will be delivered to already identified households and planted in orchards. To be continued …

Hard work finally pays off

Breadfruit in Zambia now feautured in the Breadfruit Institutes Newsletter

Very good news from Blair from Global Breadfruit:

Global Hunger Initiative: From Central America to the Heart of Africa

We’re thrilled that Zambia has become the latest country to receive breadfruit trees from the Global Hunger Initiative. BFI donated 100 trees that were hand-carried in a backpack from Global Breadfruit in Germany to Zambian Lloyd Lukama Kasela. For more than six months, Lloyd has worked tirelessly to bring breadfruit to his country, driving hundreds of kilometers for the correct permits and educating his community. The trees are thriving in a greenhouse Lloyd built himself, and grew new leaf shoots less than two weeks after their arrival.


Breadfruit in Zambia now feautured in the Breadfruit Institutes Newsletter

Planting A Future family packs and school feeding programme

The idea: Other fruit trees being raised by the group are Pawpaws, Guavas, Oranges and Moringa. These will be given to households together with breadfruit in a household pack comprising a Breadfruit Tree, 4 Guavas, 4 Pawpaws and 4 Oranges. Bananas and Mangoes will be introduced as soon as possible.

Family Pack


Slight changes in the packing: Today i unveiled the ‘Planting A Future’ family pack to the headman. In it are 2 Breadfruit Trees, 6 Oranges, 6 Guavas and 6 Pawpaws. Such packs will be given to all 36 households in my village. Each home should have an orchard by December 2015.



A programme for schools to provide breadfruit trees and other fruit trees will begin in 2015. Seedlings for schools are already planted and are growing at Kalomo Corner Garden and at Mabuyu Breadfruit and Fruit Tree Nurseries.

200 Oranges for 10 Schools

Planting A Future family packs and school feeding programme

School Feeding Programme

School feeding programme!! Only maize…no beans…no veggies….no fruits. We can make a difference 😉 We donate beans seeds and fruit tree seedlings for school gardens and orchards and we will do it by January 🙂

Feeding kids at schools
Feeding kids at schools

What if there was a roasted Breadfruit, an orange or a guava for each of those cuties? I will fight until that happens….as I did for the classrooms and borehole….I will fight.

hungry school kids
hungry school kids
School Feeding Programme