Planting A Future For Zambia – Basic Info About The Project

Welcome to Planting A Future!

This is our new blog. We want to use this platform to introduce you to our project, aims, visions, plans, hopes and dreams.

Planting A Future

My name is Lloyd and I am a teacher in Chinkonono village in Zambia. I know that we can achieve big things and can change people’s lives in Zambia. I will be using this blog to give you updates on our project.

So…to make a start I would like to give some basic information about who we are, what we do and what we plan.


Objective: We want to grow breadfruit tree and other fruit tree seedlings in order to supply them to schools and poor household with a view to end chronic hunger and malnutrition among children and other vulnerable people in Zambia, starting in the Kazungula District.

Challenges: Due to the lack of garden equipment, irrigation equipment and educational materials for teaching villagers it is challenging for us to expand and reach many beneficiaries. Also the transport for distributing the seedlings and ferrying manure and black soil is problematic at the moment.
Despite all these challenges the group has done a lot in terms of mitigating hunger around the village by distributing seedlings .

Perspective 1: By the end of 2017 we want 14 schools to have fruit tree orchards to provide pupils with fruits and horticultural skills.

Perspective 2: By the of 2017 we wat 100 homes to have orchards providing nutrients to all family members.


  • already distributed to housholds in Chinkonono: 15 Mulberry seedlings, 25 Guavas, 20 Pawpaw seedlings
  • imported 150 breadfruit trees
  • planted 200 Pawpaws, 190 Guavas, 200 Oranges and 200 Muringa trees.

Project profile: Planting A Future is an ambitious project started by members of Chinkonono and Mubuyu co-operative society to provide fruit tree seedlings to schools and villages around Nguba. The project is located in Chinkonono village, in the Kazungula District. The village is located 58km west of Kalomo town and about 200km from Livingstone. Chief Nyawa is in charge of this region.

Membership of the Group:

  • 15 volunteers who collect seeds for the nursery and water seedlings
  • chairman: Mr. G. Milandu
  • secretary and co-ordinator: Mr. Kasela…so me 😉
  • treasurer: Mrs. T. Mulwani
  • 5 committee members


Members of Planting A Future with Breadfruit Seedlings
Members of Planting A Future with Breadfruit Seedlings


Click the little greyish icon in the top right corner to see more posts in our archives! I will keep you posted on a more or less regular basis! So keep checking this blog!


2 thoughts on “Planting A Future For Zambia – Basic Info About The Project

  1. nicky says:

    hope you good. Please help me I am going to work next year in Angola. I want to buy some breadfruit trees each month to give to locals. From where did you import trees and at what cost thanks


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