To booth or not to booth…

Time flies. Seems like just yesterday when that we got the invitation the the Provincial Agriculture Show in Livingstone. And next week, on July 15, it starts.

As you can imagine we are busy preparing for the show. People told us that this time we need to do it a bit more professional…it is not easy for us and we are facing many challenges right now.

It is not just only that we have to build a solid booth and display stands. Since Planting A Future is based in Chinkonono Village there is also the problem of getting all our stuff to Livingstone. And when I say all our stuff then we talk about the booth, the display stands, plants and trees, samples of breadfruit, info material, banners and more…and Lloyd and 3 of our Planting A Future Members. And believe me…this trip is not easy because of the bad conditions of the road and distance.

Luckily we live our motto “Love without boarders”. So we are going to make it all happen. Our carpenter in the village is now working hard on the booth and display stands. Also we found someone who will take us and all the stuff to Livingstone and back.

It is fantastic to see everyone working together hand in hand.

But now check our new booth and display stands! What do you think?

The guys work hard
The guys work hard
Look at our new display stands :)
Look at our new display stands 🙂

And can you imagine all those displays filled with plants, seedlings, trees and breadfruit samples? With the new banners flying over it, posters and info materials for display?

We are confident that we will be the eye catcher of this year’s show!

To booth or not to booth…

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