Let’s hit the road…

Lloyd, Grime, Andrew and Wesley are now on their way to Livingstone. The four of them started off from Chinkonono Village this afternoon already to make sure they get to the exhibition place in time.

…and this way alone is a huge challenge because of bad road conditions. But Wesley will safely drive them there.

Wesley on the wheel
Wesley on the wheel

Right now they take a break in Kalomo to spend the night there…in the car, all 4 of them. Tomorrow they start of to make the last few km to Livingstone.

They spent lots of time packing away all our stuff: plants, seedlings, samples, info material, banners and of course booth and display stands…

See all those seedlings?
See all those seedlings?
On the way...
On the way…
Fully loaded ;)
Fully loaded 😉

…and to make sure the guys don’t starve on their way some members of Planting A Future donated some food…Zambian take-away 😉

Food donated by Planting A Future Members
Food donated by Planting A Future members

Now let the adventures begin…

Let’s hit the road…

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