Time to rest…at least a little bit

After all the stress and adventures of the Agriculture Shows Lloyd went back to Chinkonono Village to get some well deserved rest. He just sent a little update on what he is doing these days.

“Some friends asked me where, when and how i relax….and this is how i do it 😉

Dig water wells for old and young:

Digging in :)
Digging in 🙂

Teach kids how to read and write, assist kids from vulnerable homes with books,pencils and school fees, assist community schools and build classrooms:

Lloyd giving classes
Lloyd giving classes
School Building
School Building


Plant, raise and distribute fruit tree seedlings to vulnerable homes, schools and orphanages:

Family Time
Family Time

Supporting local football teams with balls and jerseys:

Football all over ;)
Football all over 😉

……..so weird but true. That is my party, my holiday and my picnic 🙂 “

Enjoy your time off, Lloyd! 🙂

Time to rest…at least a little bit

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