Working hand in hand to help

Early this January Lloyd raised an appeal for a mothers’ shelter to be built for pregnant women and mothers and mothers taking care of the sick at Singwamba clinic. And guess what?  7 months later the Butterfly Tree Charity has done it 🙂 Together with Planting A Future members the shelter was built and just recently got finished…so no sleeping in the cold and rain for our dear mothers anymore!

mothers shelter1

Mothers' shelter at Singwamba clinic
Mothers’ shelter at Singwamba clinic

mothers shelter3

Thank you so much to Jane and everyone at the Butterfly Tree Charity! Without you guys this would not have been possible.

And our next challenge is to raise funds for a community preschool near Lloyd’s village. Imagine 86 little boys and guys crammed into a tiny room for thier lessons!

too many kids in too little a room...that has to change
too many kids in too little a room…that has to change

The community and Planting A Future have moulded bricks and all we need now are building materials…and these babies will have a decent room for thier lessons

We are looking to build something like that:

The new class room block from the outside...
The new class room block from the outside…
...and from the inside :)
…and from the inside 🙂

If we can raise the funds we are sure by August 2016 we will have a room for them.

So if you guys feel like supporting our cause you are more than welcome to help. Also we are always happy about donated children’s clothes and shoes.

Have you ever walked 10 km to school barefoot on a hot scorching October afternoon? With sand boiling under your feets….!! In a month these kids will and we know we wont let them suffer..those sandals, shoes, shorts and shirts our kids have abandoned will make a huge difference. So if you have stuff for kids you dont need and you were wondering what to do with them send them over…

Lloyd Kasela,
PO Box 620197,
Kalomo, Zambia.

Working hand in hand to help

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