Break time? Not at all…

Wow…time flies. Right now we are taking care of pur seedlings. Since rainy season starts soon we prepare everything so  the nursery will be all set up.

PAF women tending to moringa seedlings

Also Lloyd finally could plant his last remaining breadfruit seedling into Zambian soil. Almost one year ago our journey took up pace…now the last out of 150 plants found its new home.

Lloyd finally putting his last breadfruit seedling into Zambian soil

But that is not the only thing we do. We are trying to create jobs for PAF women. Our newest project to help our community is to teach women how to sew. This will open doors because now they can actually handsew clothes for their own families and also for sale to provide for their families.

PAF women displaying their handsewn clothes

We are so proud about the results. Don’t these 2 ladies look fly? Zambia’s next top model…clothes designed by PAF. 😉

Diana and Joy wearing handsewn clothes made by PAF women
Break time? Not at all…

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