Small things can change lives

WOW! We are so humbled and grateful. We just recieved a message of our dear friend and supporter Murray from Australia. He loves Zambia and found our project online. Since that day he has been soreading the word and been supporting us.

A few months ago we came up with the idea of creating a reading room and small library for the kids and people in the village.
He loved the idea so much that he spontaneously shared this idea on Facebook and asked his friends and local schools to donate books for that cause.
The feedback was amazing. People sent him books and books and books.

Just look at how crammed classes in Zambia can be. It is almost impossiböe for kids to actually read and find the joy in reading because of lacking books and school materials.

Look how crammed classes are...

Just a few days ago he was able to send the first box to Zambia.
Shipping will take 60 to 90 days. But we have no rush. 🙂 It is mainly books for the young ones, as Murray says. Also he will send more once we see that they actually get there.

Murray sent the first huge box on its way 🙂

Just to quote Murray here:
“I was packing / weighing the box at the Post Office and a very kind and generous Lady donated $50 to the postage when she heard what I was doing .. Thank You kind stranger whose name I did not get.”
WOW again. This is really touching.

Just to mention some people we have to thank for their kind donation:
Katrina Vrenegoor, Jaye Bolte, Quamma Public School, Cobargo Public School, Well Thumbed Books in Cobargo …
Thank you to everyone who supports us. We are humbled.

You guyd have no idea how many sparkling eyes this will bring and what a huge difference and change this will make.


…we will keep you posted. 🙂

Small things can change lives

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