Meanwhile in Zambia…

You probably know the song “I am singing in the rain”, right? Well…in Zambia it is rainy season these days…so not unlike in the video to that song our Planting A  Future member are jumping puddles and things might get a bit muddy in Chinkonono Village. That’s why it is a bit of a struggle to get in touch with Lloyd and everyone for updates.

But obviously we don’t sit still. We are making use of the rainy season and plant lots of fruit tree seedlings. Those are distributed to vulnerable families and households step by step. Supplying people with trees and planting new ones are 2 of our main focus points during rainy season.

Supplying vulnerable families with trees
Supplying vulnerable families with trees

Also we are happy to see the first fruits of our labour. Literally 😉

First little harvest… 🙂


On the other hand Lloyd is a passionate horticulturist and is using his spare free hours in his very own way….creating his own indoor flower bed 😀



As his kids in school would probably say now: “Keep it up, keep it up! You are a good boy. So try again another time.” 😀

Meanwhile in Zambia…

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