Waking useful memories

The rain season is winding up and farmers are preparing storehouses for their produce.

As you all know the main objective of PAF is to improve food security in the villages and rural areas. Hence it would be a desaster if we stopped encouraging farmers to plant fruit trees and high food value crops like cowpeas and moringa without taking care of storage after harvest.

While Lloyd 2as in town to wait for some papers and certificates tobe processed he was taken on a tour of traditional food storehouses.

Traditional silos to store food

There are various models of storehouses from all corners of Zambia. These have been in use to protect food from pests, animals and weather. They are cheap to build and maintain as they are wholly made from local materials.

Different types of silos

It is imperative to teach (or is it reteach?) the community how to build these structures so that they can store their produce in them…unlike the current trend where food is stored in houses where people live.

We have a lot of sunflower, cowpeas and moringa leaves already…and those will be stored in these to-be-built silos.

You see…new missions on a daily base 😉 But we are on it.

Waking useful memories

Books…Lost in Fantasies

As some of you may be aware 75 percent of Zambian families live on less than a dollar a day. This situation makes it impossible for families to have three meals a day, buy clothes and have a decent shelter.

As people struggle to satisfy the most urgent needs, buying books and educating their children very often becomes a luxury they can not afford.
It is rare to find a book in homes.

Most of the timed a child’s first encounter with a book is at school where they learn how to read but only have access to books for a small amount of time.
Schools don’t have an adequate supply of books, so kids have to share them:  one book for ten pupils or worse.

But last week it was a very happy day for our Chinkonono kids. Thanks to tour Austtalian friend Murray our community now does have a variety of books. Murray asked around qith his friends and at local schools to donate books and then sent them to Zambia.

Just look at all those sparkling eyes!

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Our village kids will now be able to read books for education and entertainment outside school.

The donation of story books is a very big development. It will make books accessible to kids in the village. As we all know that early introduction to books helps an individual to learn and it also exposes readers to more ideas and experiences and helps to ignite fantasy anf creativity.

Also we plan to extend the library with novels and education books for adults so that we can also teach women and men how to read and read English. Unfortunate there is a high number of adults who can barely read at all or do not know the English language. That way we will try to literate them and help increasing their job chances and change lives.

It was such a wonderful day seeing all those angels smilling. Also we were choosing the chairperson, secretary and librarian of our small library.

Right now the books are being stored at Lloyds house until we finish the building. At the moment we do not have the financial means to build two seperate buildings for library and sewing room. So for now both projects will be located in the same building. But due to the noise of our twittering ladies we will try to build a second building for the library so that people can read in a quiet environment.

We are transporting the last bricks now. The building is on window level and we hope to put the roof on next week. Of course we will need shelves and furniture. So Lloyd already bought some wood and timber.

Keep checking back on us to see the process.

Thank you again to Murray and all the generous donors! No way we get the kids outside to play these days…everyone wants to read 😉 This changes lives!

Books…Lost in Fantasies

Moringa Mission possible

Surely you guys remember that the Chief asked us to plant 5000 Moringa trees for him to distribute to his people.

the kids enjoying their time helping at the fields

So far we have distributed 1500 seedlings to 11 households in chinkonono and sorrounding villages.
As per our objective we dont sell to anyone but just teach and supervise. The intention is multifold. We want to make the village food-secure as Moringa provides all the nutrients needed by the body.
Everyday use of leaves for relish and tea will provide the body with the nutrition it needs.

healthy moringa sapling

We are also looking at the economic part of it as Moringa products are in high demand all over the world. The leaves as powder or oil from the seeds. Just 1kg of dried Moringa powder costs 150 Kwacha while 1 litre of oil cost 2500 Kwacha.

Another aspect we are looking at is the use of seeds as water purifier. As you may know villages in Zambia depend on rivers for their water supply. This water needs to be purified before it can be used by humans. This is where the Moringa seeds come in because they are an effective purifier and filtrator.

Another aspect is to plant as many trees as possible to help heal the world from green house poisoning. Moringa trees grow fast, as 3 metres each year.
Hence this makes them one of the most effective modes of adding more trees to the environment.

moringa fields of our members

What we may need is specific information about a readily available market as we don’t want to use NGOs or agents as middlemen to sell our Moringa in about four months time.
So if you have any information about that, please let us know and contact us!

Thank you for supporting PAF as we try to make our world a better place.

Moringa Mission possible

Education is the key

Please help us to plant a future and change a kid's life!
Please help us to plant a future and change a kid’s life!

Stories we hate and fear to tell! This boy walked a distance of 11 km just to ask for help from Planting A Future and Lloyd. But he already takes care of other kids’ fees and was not able to help this young man out.

He is 18 years old, but still in grade 8. His father does not care about his schooling. So he has to work in farmers’ maize and cotton fields for his school fees, books and clothes. He is a very good, clever and hardworking boy but fate hasn’t been on his side. He needs k150 (equals about 13,50 USD or 12 Euros) each term for school fees…just that will make a big difference in his life.

For now he has been sent away from school because he was not able to make the payment of fees…but luckily our friends from Repairer Of The Breach jumped in to help this young man. Thanks Carol and Jennifer!

If you guys also want to help kids like him to pay for their school fees, please contact us for information about our sponsorship programme!


Education is the key

Veggie Trial and Error …

One of our aims was to build up a communal veggie garden where we could raise veggies for sale and consumption and also teach people how to grow certain veggies to educate them and pass on the knowledge.

Unfortunately this project failed as such due to lack of water and the heat spell. We had planted seedlings in our green house and around it. These grew well until the river dried up. It was difficult to get water for the trees since people had to walk kilometres to fetch it. The heat spell destroyed the seedlings remaing.

This doesn’t mean we have given up on the whole veggie thing. Having failed to have the garden, we now shared the seeds amongst our PAF members and each planted in his or her garden.

The seeds we manage to get from those plants we will be used for next planting season. And people will alway bring back a share of the seeds to PAF so that we can keep on providing at least our community with healthy veggies.

Also we plan to exhibit the veggies and seeds alongside our trees and products at the upcoming agriculture shows this year.

We already planted new seeds into the fields at the onset of the rainy season. Look at how nice those veggies grow. Thanks again to our sponsors from Germany and Hawaii for making this possible. 🙂

Veggie Trial and Error …