Moringa Mission possible

Surely you guys remember that the Chief asked us to plant 5000 Moringa trees for him to distribute to his people.

the kids enjoying their time helping at the fields

So far we have distributed 1500 seedlings to 11 households in chinkonono and sorrounding villages.
As per our objective we dont sell to anyone but just teach and supervise. The intention is multifold. We want to make the village food-secure as Moringa provides all the nutrients needed by the body.
Everyday use of leaves for relish and tea will provide the body with the nutrition it needs.

healthy moringa sapling

We are also looking at the economic part of it as Moringa products are in high demand all over the world. The leaves as powder or oil from the seeds. Just 1kg of dried Moringa powder costs 150 Kwacha while 1 litre of oil cost 2500 Kwacha.

Another aspect we are looking at is the use of seeds as water purifier. As you may know villages in Zambia depend on rivers for their water supply. This water needs to be purified before it can be used by humans. This is where the Moringa seeds come in because they are an effective purifier and filtrator.

Another aspect is to plant as many trees as possible to help heal the world from green house poisoning. Moringa trees grow fast, as 3 metres each year.
Hence this makes them one of the most effective modes of adding more trees to the environment.

moringa fields of our members

What we may need is specific information about a readily available market as we don’t want to use NGOs or agents as middlemen to sell our Moringa in about four months time.
So if you have any information about that, please let us know and contact us!

Thank you for supporting PAF as we try to make our world a better place.

Moringa Mission possible

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