Waking useful memories

The rain season is winding up and farmers are preparing storehouses for their produce.

As you all know the main objective of PAF is to improve food security in the villages and rural areas. Hence it would be a desaster if we stopped encouraging farmers to plant fruit trees and high food value crops like cowpeas and moringa without taking care of storage after harvest.

While Lloyd 2as in town to wait for some papers and certificates tobe processed he was taken on a tour of traditional food storehouses.

Traditional silos to store food

There are various models of storehouses from all corners of Zambia. These have been in use to protect food from pests, animals and weather. They are cheap to build and maintain as they are wholly made from local materials.

Different types of silos

It is imperative to teach (or is it reteach?) the community how to build these structures so that they can store their produce in them…unlike the current trend where food is stored in houses where people live.

We have a lot of sunflower, cowpeas and moringa leaves already…and those will be stored in these to-be-built silos.

You see…new missions on a daily base 😉 But we are on it.

Waking useful memories

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