Friday Night Handicraft Hours

Friday night in Berlin…parties, concerts, movies, theatre, restaurants, bars…the list of options is long. So obviously Julie would be doing one of those things. Maybe…

But maybe she did something else. Who knows…well, have a look at this:

40 sample bags in total
Our Moringa samples πŸ™‚

Doesn’t look like any of the things we mentioned above. Instead of spending a night out Julie stayed home and prepared sample bags of Moringa powder that has been produced in Chinkonono Village.

When Bruni was there our team went to the moringa plantations to bring in the first harvest of moringa leaves.

The PAF crew with our first moringa harvest
The PAF crew with our first moringa harvest


Lots of the leaves were given to families for food. But parts of the harvest was put out to dry. It took about 2 days for them to be dry and ready to be pounded into powder.

Drying the Moringa leaves
Drying the Moringa leaves


It is amazing how pure and nice the powder turned out to be. So when Bruni came back from Zambia she had a bag of Moringa powder with her, roughly 1kg. What to do with a kg of moringa powder? Right…keep some for personal use and pack the rest into sample bags to hand them to small shops who might be interested and see if they would want to sell them.

So today Julie designed the labels and printed and cut them. After that it was about filling about 25g into each bag before completing the labels (more cutting and glueing and handicraft work) and attaching them to the sample bags. Long night that definitely required some patience and skills πŸ˜‰


But honestly…even though the bags are not the most beautiful ones…don’t they look great? We love the labels. And it is 100% organic and produced by our team in Chinkonono Village. More natural is impossible πŸ˜‰

So tomorrow Julie will try talk to the first shops and see if they would take some samples and maybe sell them for little money that would go into the project. So some convincing will be needed. Keep your fingers crossed! Would be a start to set something up and market our products. But we will see…we hope for the best.

Friday Night Handicraft Hours

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