A Visit in Chinkonono Village

Whoa…now look at that!!! Somebody made a new photo slideshow of Bruni’s visit and impressions of Chinkonono Village, PAF activities and the warmth and joy of our Zambian community!


Check the slideshow to get a glimpse of what Bruni experienced and of what is going on for Planting A Future with the new breadfruit seedlings, the first building of our new community center, the first moringa harvest, our village primary school and all our lovely PAF members 🙂

It is definitely worth 9 minutes of your time…we will take you on a little break from reality and invite you to join us in the middle of nowhere, far away from all stress and hectic.

Now lean back and enjoy! 🙂

Please share if you like what you see! Spread the word!

A Visit in Chinkonono Village

2 thoughts on “A Visit in Chinkonono Village

  1. Michelle Peterson says:

    Hi. Every year at Christmas I make “baskets” for the nursing homes and I buy purses at a thrift shop and fill up for the battered women shelter in our area. This year I decided to make up “totes” for the kids at the battered women shelter. I was wondering if you could donate 50 “fun” items for the cause. Pencils, stickers, rulers, magnets, anything fun would be appreciated so much. Thank you for all you do and for taking your time to read this. Have a great week. I have bought 50 totes already.
    Michelle Peterson
    12625 CO RD 8010
    Rolla MO 65401


    1. Hi Michelle, what you do for those kids is just amazing. It is a fantastic idea. Keep it up. I wish we could help you out. But we struggle to our kids smiling in the village. 2015 has been the very first time ever that we celebrated christmas. So i fear we wont be able to help you with donations…as much as I would love to. I will tell some people about it though.
      Keep up your great work and bring smiles on those kids’ faces 🙂

      Julie from Planting A Future


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