Teaching Kids Some Usefull Skills

Surely you remember that Planting A Future just recently donated fruit trees to Singwamba clinic and school. As it is in the African bush animals are hungry too and enjoy some fresh and sweet fruits or juicy green leaves. So to protect our seedlings it is necessary to build fences around them. So Planting A Future taught Singwamba pupils how to build a living fence for their orchard.

Singwamba pupils building a living fence
Singwamba pupils building a living fence

Since time immemorial the abbysinian myrrh tre has played a pivotal role in the life of Tongas. It has been used both as a religious symbol of continuity and as a hedge to keep goats, chickens and pigs away from homesteads. It was also used to protect trees and vegetables from being eaten by livestock.
It is in this vein that Planting A Future has captaised on this knowledge and is now encouraging schools and homes with orchards to make living fences around them.

Still lots of work to do ;)
Still lots of work to do 😉

The abyssinian myrrh or paperback tree is ideal for this as it does not easily rot or is eaten by termites. Once cut and planted in the soil the stem begins to sprout and within two months you don’t only have a hedge protecting your pawpaws and guavas but also living plants adding beauty and greenery to your home.

The religious among us can select the most beautiful stem and put a string of white beads as a welcome sign to spirits of departed forefathers.
Ok there we go as Planting A Future is bringing back lost knowledge in order to ensure food security in our village.

Big orchard = lots of wood ;)
Big orchard = lots of wood 😉
Teaching Kids Some Usefull Skills

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