Become a Member!

PAF had the Association’s founding meeting on 19 April 2016.

What does that mean now? Well…each and every one of you can now become a PAF member! Isn’t that great?

What do you have to do to become a member, you ask? Well…easy!

  1. Click HERE to download the Statute, Contribution Rules and Membership Application Form
  2. Read everything carefully! Don’t worry…it is not like a 60 pages paper 😉
  3. Fill in the application form and sign it.
  4. Scan the filled-in and signed form and send it back to
  5. Wait for us to confirm your membership.
  6. Transfer the annual contribution.
  7. Wait for your tax receipt.
All forms in English for download
All forms in English for download

Wait…what? Annual contribution? Well yeah…that is the whole point of it 😉 Obviously your mental support means the world to us. But we do have to take care of so many things and you know that money rules the world. Sad, but true. And those annual contributions will help us creating a safe financial base to ensure that we can keep PAF running and finish our projects and plan ahead for the coming years.

So we do have different types of membership:

Different types of membership and the annual contribution
Different types of membership and the annual contribution

I know…none of you guys is a smoker, right? But just to do the math…its basically one pack of cigarettes per month. And this money can do so much in Zambia! So please just consider it and download the application form. We can’t wait to see the filled-in and signed ones coming in!

You wonder how payment shall work? Easy too. We are still working on our Zambian bank account. But that is only important for Zambian people. For the rest of the world we would reccommend using one of the following 2 ways for your payment:

Our German Bank Account and, to reduce fees for you, we opened a PayPal Account…much cheaper for people outisde Germany

Please be aware that there are fees when you transfer money into our bank or PayPal accounts. Those fees will have to be covered by you! We hope to make things easier for you with the PayPal account. It seems much cheaper for people outside Germany. The PayPal account is linked to our bank account and money will be kept there.

Hmm…both accounts are held by Julie? There is a reason for that: It is very important to know that at our fouding meeting it was decided that Julie will be in charge of recruiting members and administrating all memberships. That is why we have both, PayPal and the bank account in Germany, running in her name. But no worries, all money will go straight to Zambia! Transaction fees are very high. So we will collect the money in Germany for a while and do transfers to our Zambian account twice or three times per year. All transaction fees will be payed by Julie. That way we ensure that 100% of your contributions will go into PAF, no adminstrative fees.

All that being said…we hope to welcome you guys on board of “MS Planting A Future” very soon!