Traveling for a Cause

Social Media…Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram…you say it’s all too much? Well…maybe. But for organizations like Planting A Future those platforms are an essential way of communication and obviously to get people to know about us.

As we posted before, we do have an Instagram Account now. One good thing about it is that we do find lots of like-minded people and organizations who work hand in hand. This just happened in the past days: An organization called PoorPilgrim contacted us and suggested to feature our story on their website.

So Julie sat down and wrote a short text about PAF that you can find here! Just take a moment and read it. They also featured us on their Instagram and Facebook.

Check the feature on PoorPilgrim
Check the feature on PoorPilgrim

Thanks so much to the guys from PoorPilgrim! It is fantastic to see that there are people who try to connect like-minded people.


Please take a moment and read about PoorPilgrim and their concept and what they do. We love it!


PoorPilgrim: We are a team of Philanthropists and travel experts that organize custom trips, charity trips and book flights/hotels. 20% of proceeds protect and empower at risk children.

Our Passion: Travel+Charity
Traveling and charity are two realities that have changed the way we see the world. This is what we are passionate about; and this is what we desire to share. The world of adventure, self exploration and human solidarity is open to all.
PoorPilgrim 101
Mission: To create a new way for people to travel: Charitable Travel.
Vision: To protect and empower at risk children. It is by providing basic needs, education and solidarity that this goal is achieved. It is by teaming up with trusted partnerships and communities that this mission is made possible.
Focus on Service
We believe in helping others. Our strife is to organize a beautiful and unique trip that supports a cause. Travel with us and travel charitably.
“Experience the world as a local and travel for a cause.”

Traveling for a Cause

PAF on Instagram now ;)

Whoa…it is happening. Planting A Future is going with the flow. Just yesterday Julie created our new Instagram account. 😉

So if you are on there please search for plantingafuture or just click HERE

Also you can just click on the little menu button in the top right corner of the blog and will find the instagram and facebook buttons…just in case, you know 😉

Check our social media icons in the menu!
Check our social media icons in the menu!

We hope you will all follow us there and help us spread the word! Looking forward to seeing you on Instagram 😉


Also we do get nostalgic at times…Julie had this super cool rubber stamp made and just sent it down to Zambia.

Now we are getting official ;)
Now we are getting official 😉

Who wouldn’t want to see their letters and invoices being stamped with this one? 😉

PAF on Instagram now ;)

Theatersport Berlin supports PAF

We are happy to announce that we have a new supporter on board. This time it is a big fish: Theatersport Berlin.

Theatersport Berlin now features us 🙂


They are one of the most famous and popular improv theatre companies in Germany. For more than 20 years those guys perform their shows every week in Berlin and at various improv festivals all over the world.

You wonder how Planting A Future and an improv theatre company come to partner? Well…maybe you should know that improv theatre means that the actors do not rehearse. They just jump on stage and ask the audience for suggestions like places, genres, music styles, authors, centuries, relationships between people, jobs…and then it goes 5-4-3-2-1-GO! And a scene starts. They just make up everything that happens on stage. Their motto is “We don’t know what we play, we only know that we will play”.

Makes a lot of sense if you connect that to Planting A Future, right? We improvise a lot too. We do have ideas and plans, but we don’t always know how to get there. So we just take what life throws at us and make the best of it. At the end of the day we do achieve what we aimed at.

How we got in touch with Theatersport Berlin? Well…Julie made that possible. She is a big fan and has been at their shows for years now. Obviously she made friends with the actors at some point and now helps out a bit at the shows and takes the photos for their Facebook page. Her love for Africa and Zambia are well known there and when she told them about Planting A Future they straight away agreed to support us. 🙂

Right now we are still talking about how Theatersport can support and help us. We have some nice ideas which are still in the making. So keep posted. For now we are being featured on their website.

Thank you so much, guys! DANKE!


Please give them a “thumbs up” on Facebook: Theatersport Berlin


Theatersport Berlin supports PAF

New Banners for Planting A Future

Yes! We are now going professional 😉 Thanks to the generous donation of Werbecenter Berlin we were now able to have those 2 wonderful banners printed. They have just been posted by Bruni and Julie and are now on their way to Zambia. So people, keep your fingers crossed that they reach Zambia in time.

Those banners certainly will draw lots of people at the Provincial Agriculture Show in Livingstone in a few weeks.

We are very happy how nice the banners turned out. And again we have to say THANK YOU to our friends from Werbecenter Berlin for their good work and for supporting our cause.

our new 50x50cm logo banner
this huge 180x60cm banner will definitely draw people
New Banners for Planting A Future

We are so 2015 ;) …new Facebook page online

Marty McFly would be proud of us. We made it and have been catching up with the online wolrd. Finally our new Facebook page is online.

Please have a look around and give us a “Thumbs Up” by liking the page. Thanks!


Check our new Facebook page, please
Check our new Facebook page, please


We are so 2015 ;) …new Facebook page online