Update on Obdu

Remeber the little guy Obdu?

Lloyd just sent an update on that young man. Not only his he growing bigger and stronger. He is doing very good. He has broken off from being a streetkid and attends school regularly now, thanks to the donations of Stan. Obdu now can fluently read.

No wonder his smile is so smug nowadays πŸ˜‰


If you feel you want to support a kid’s education as well and help a family pay school fees, please contact us about our sponsorship programme!

Update on Obdu

Quick Help…Thank you :)

Do you remember the story about the little man, Obdu?

Well…we are happy to let you know that we did recieve some money for him and his family. That way we were able to buy some baby milk (or rather the powder for preparing baby milk) for Obdu’s little brother Mukuwa.


In behalf of Obdu, Mukuwa, their family and the whole Planting A Future team we would like to thank you! Love without boarders!

Quick Help…Thank you :)

Stories of Fate II – Memory

When I recieved this story from Lloyd it got me thinking. Aren’t we all humans? Why do people get looked at or chased away or treated differently because of disabilities? Please take 5 minutes to read it. It is very touching and sad…

Little Memory...only 3 years old
Little Memory…only 3 years old

This is a very sad story about a little girl named Memory. Her family lives 2 houses away from PAF Community Center and thus is my neighbour.

As it is very often with girls from vulnerable families, Memory’s mother was married off at 15 years. A year later Memory was born and all seemed well.

But as months went by Memory’s agemates began to sit and crawl about but Memory couldn’t do either. All she did was lie on her mat and watched her peers play.

At the age of three it became obvious that there was a serious problem with her. She was taken to various hospitals and traditional doctors but her condition did not change.

She isn't even able to play with her selfmade ball...
She isn’t even able to play with her selfmade ball…


This made relatives edgy and all sorts of accusations flew around until Memory and her mom were chased from home.
Memory and her mom are now in Chinkonono and are being looked after by the girl’s father.

...her home in Chinkonono
…her home in Chinkonono


Memory and her mother
Memory and her mother

The family still hides the girl from the community because people are still afraid when others are different or sick. I told them to bring her outside so she can live like us all. Memory needs special attention from physiotherapists. She can not walk, neither does she sit and crawl properly. She’s only 3 years old and chances of getting better are high.




All that being said we can only ask you to keep this little lady in your thoughts. It is a tough fate. Her family has no financial means to properly help her and afford the medical treatment she needs. If you guys want to support Memory and her mom please don’t hesitate to contact us! It is not too late…together we can still change Memory’s life and bring the smile back on her cute little face.

You know we do offer a school sponsorship programm. Even though Memory is still too young for school she does need special attention and a sponsor so we can arrange medical treatment for her. Also in just a little while she will be old enough for pre-school. But as things are now, she will not be able to attend. Please think about it and lets change a child’s life!

Love without Boarders!

Stories of Fate II – Memory

Stories of Fate I – Obdu

As you guys know we do have a Sponsorship programme for kids of vulnerable families and backgrounds who cannot afford to send their kids to school.

Lloyd just sent me the story of this brave young man. Take a few minutes and read it…very touching:

Little Obdu...good boy :)
Little Obdu…good boy πŸ™‚

Obdu is the new boy in my class. He’s 13 years old, very withdrawn and with tight strung nerves. He is always near me, be it in class, at the playground or orchard and this made me wonder. After a week of being tightly marked I asked him who he was and where he stayed. His response shocked me to the bone.

The boy knew me and his father….his late father was one of the prominent guys in the village. He is passed away after a long illness. Family property was grabbed by relatives, leaving the family with nothing.

After years of struggling his mother went to Livingstone to find some work. She was a single mother with no education or any qualifications to enable her get a decent job. She had nowhere to start from but she had to live and find food for her kids.
She did what she did and for some time things went well for the family. But as it is always, reality caught up and her health plummeted.

Obdu's family
Obdu’s family

This is when Obdu had to be a man and take care of his siblings. After weeks of surviving from wellwishers the donors vanished into thin air leaving the family to fend for themselves.

Young mother...
Young mother…

Things went from bad to worse as Obdu stopped school and borrowed a wheelbarrow. He used the wheelbarrow to ferry sand from the river and then sell it to neighbours. Each barrow load gave him K5 or 50cents. He used that money to buy food for his siblings and mother.

The boy is in school now, we got the family back to the village. His mother has a two months baby. The baby was weaned from breast feeding and is now fed on cows milk.

Once in a while we buy the baby lactogen infant formula but it is not enough. So as it is always with such situations I am asking my friends to pray for this young family. We can’t ignore such people since they carry the humanity which we, too, carry.


There are a lot of different fates in our community. If you are interested in helping out kids like Obdu, please contact us here! πŸ™‚ What seems like only a few bucks to us will help a child in Chinkonono and surrounding areas to pay school fees for a year. Education is the key! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

Stories of Fate I – Obdu

PAF School Sponsorship Programme

Planting A Future…well, we do that in many different ways. One of them, as you know, is literally planting a future by planting fruit trees to hand out to vulnerable households and institutions.

But you can also plant a future by enabling kids to have access to education. Poverty level in rural Zambia is high. Also our community in and around Chinkonono Village depends on farming and a lot of times families have 5 or more kids and can not afford to pay school fees for all of them.

Planting A Future decided to start a school sponsorship programme for those families. That means we are looking for sponsors who want to support kids and their families by providing the funds to pay for the children’s school fees.

Those kids are just a few of the children who need financial support to attend school. Their parents and families struggle everyday to raise enough money to send their kids to school. Some of those kids are orphans or come from HIV families. Education is their key to change their lives.


There are different type of sponsorships possible. I will explain the basics for you now. Important to know is that there are always 3 semesters per year.

  1. Primary School Level:Grade 1 to 7. The small ones basically get free education. They only have to pay for sports classes. So the fees are low. 15 USD (15 EUR) per year. The money will be spent on sports classes and school materials like books and pencils and also for school uniforms.
  2. Basic School Level: Grade 8 and 9. The school fees for those guys is 15 USD (15 EUR) per term, that adds up t 45 USD (45 EUR) per year. The money will be used on school fees for each term and also for school materials, such as books, pencils, rulers etc. and school uniforms.
  3. Secondary School Level: Grade 10 to 12. Those kids are preparing for their highschool diploma. This course is more expensive. It varies from about 120 USD to 160 USD (120 EUR to 160 EUR) per term, which can add up to roughlich 360 USD to 400 USD (360 EUR to 400 EUR) per year. School fees in generel get more expensive later on, so do books and school materials like calculators etc. Also included is money for accommodation and food for some kids because they live too far away and have to stay at boarding school or with relatives. But those costs are covered as well.
  4. College Education: College education in Zambia is very expensive. So far none of “our” PAF kids is at college. Fees, including a room and food, can easily go up to about 3000 USD (3000 EUR) per year. We will find out about those costs on request if we find sponsors.


Please think about it. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the kids above or one of our other kids, please take a minute to contact us here:

We will gladly suggest a kid for you to sponsor. There are so many of them.

You know all those huge programmes, I guess. You pay a lot of money and you have no idea who the kid is who recieves it? You fear that a high percentage of what you pay just goes into the charity’s administration? Well…we can not speak for other charities. But I can assure your that 100% of the money goes straight to the kid you choose to sponsor. There are no administrational costs here.

Of course you will also get a tax receipt for the sponsorship. And you will recieve info about who the kid is and how they do in school if you want to know.

Please help us to plant a bright future for those kids! Thank you all in advance!

Help us give children like James a future. Thank you so much to Stan who now sponsors 6 children in our community!

PAF School Sponsorship Programme

Education is the key

Please help us to plant a future and change a kid's life!
Please help us to plant a future and change a kid’s life!

Stories we hate and fear to tell! This boy walked a distance of 11 km just to ask for help from Planting A Future and Lloyd. But he already takes care of other kids’ fees and was not able to help this young man out.

He is 18 years old, but still in grade 8. His father does not care about his schooling. So he has to work in farmers’ maize and cotton fields for his school fees, books and clothes. He is a very good, clever and hardworking boy but fate hasn’t been on his side. He needs k150 (equals about 13,50 USD or 12 Euros) each term for school fees…just that will make a big difference in his life.

For now he has been sent away from school because he was not able to make the payment of fees…but luckily our friends from Repairer Of The Breach jumped in to help this young man. Thanks Carol and Jennifer!

If you guys also want to help kids like him to pay for their school fees, please contact us for information about our sponsorship programme!


Education is the key

Children Sponsorship Programme

Well…2016 has already started. We did take a little break in updating you. But we didn’t sit still. We have been working on various new and old projects.

The sewing and show room is in the making. We are planting lots of trees and are also working on those 5.000 moringa seedlings for the chief.

But one very new project we just started now is a children sponsorship programme. We are trying to find sponsors for kids in need to support them with their school fees. As you can imagine lots of kids come from vulnerable families or are orphans. They are all keen on going to school and learn to change their lives.

One of our first kids we want to introduce is James.

This young little man dreams of becoming a teacher. Despite all his struggles in life he is probably one of the bravest and most cheerful guys you can think of.

Right now we are working on setting up some general “files” for all the kids we are trying to find sponsors for.

School fees differ depending on what school they go to and they are needed 3 times a year for each semester or once a year.

If you are interested in helping kids like James, please feel free to contact us at plantingafuture@gmail.com and ask for more details and info. We are more than happy to introduce you to the kids we want to help.



Love without boarders!


Check back here for more updates on the sponsorship programme!

Children Sponsorship Programme