PAF Independence Day Football Tournament 2017

October 24th…sounds like any other day to you? Well, in Zambia it is an important holiday: Independence Day. People from all walks of life gather to commemorate this day the country was liberated from colonial rule.

PAF organised a football tournament in order to bring the youths together to celebrate. Four u17 teams, drawn from the Youth League, were invited. Among them, of course, was our own sponsored team, the PAF Warriors. Beside the PAF Warriors we hosted Green Eagles, Green Buffaloes and Supa Power. All those teams were formed from youths of Chinkonono and the surrounding villages.

But before the tournament could start, as it is custom with all big championships, the national anthem has been sung:

Of course there was something to win for the best teams. Our dear friends from The Butterfly Tree donated some football equipment, such as a new ball, a set of socks and a goalkeeper jersey. Thank you so so much. A lot of smiles and sparkling eyes 🙂

As you might have guessed, the boys were competing hard to go home with the first prize. And what can I say? Our PAF Warriors won the tournament and recieved the ball and 300 kwacha. Second place went to Green Buffaloes who won themselves a set of socks and 200 kwacha. The Green Eagles went home with third place, the goalkeeper jersey and 100 kwacha.

The day was full of exciting football games.  As it is with all gatherings of such nature a goat and veggies were on the menu for officials, players and fans. You can imagine how much fun everyone had.

But apart from all that we wouldn’t be PAF if we’d leave it at that. Interested people could also get information about essential things like how to stay safe from HIV infections or about self-reliance through agriculture.

the crowd 😉


PAF Independence Day Football Tournament 2017

The PAF Warriors on the March

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Football makes the world go round. Even more so for the people in Chinkonono. They struggle everyday with drought, hard work, no money, no infrastructure and health issues like HIV and malnutrition. They just need and crave for a little distraction of their everyday lives.
The football pitch...
The football pitch…
Basically everyone in the village just loves football. And whenever our PAF warriors have a home game at the pitch next to PAF Center the whole village gathers to cheer for the boys. Even if it is just practice people come to watch.
The crowd (and Julie) watching the match
The crowd (and Julie) watching the match
And when the packages from Australia arrived that Andrew and Niki sent us the joy was huge. It is wonderful to see how proud our PAF Warriors and Eaglets walk out on the pitch now, wearing their new uniforms.
Proud Warriors! :)
Proud Warriors! 🙂
Of course we had to take some new team photos for the Warriors! Check that!

You can really feel their new selfconfidence now.

No wonder they scored and won against a much stronger Mguba Team. 😉
Just look at this video! There are some very skilled boys in that team. And Lloyd’s son Junior looks very promising.
The excitement in the village is just incredible. Check out what happened after Nestor scored a goal! It is crazy house 😉
It makes everyone smile to see such joy. Thanks again for everyone helping out so that those guys can play football! It really makes a difference for people in Chinkonono!
Deutsche Version:
Das Runde muss ins Eckige. Solange der Ball rund ist, ist alles in Ordnung. So oder so ähnlich könnte auch das Motto der Menschen in Chinkonono lauten.
Ein Großteil der Menschen dort führt ein hartes Leben, Trockenheit, Wassermangel, harte Arbeit, keine Kohle, keine Infrastruktur, keine Jobs, HIV und Mangelernährung. Logisch, dass sich jeder dort nach Abwechslung und Ablenkung vom Alltag sehnt.
Jeder im Dorf liebt Fußball, Klein und Groß, Jung und Alt. Wann immer unsere PAF Warriors ein Heimspiel haben und sich auf dem Fußballplatz direkt neben unserem PAF Center zusammentreffen, strömen die Dorfbewohner in Richtung des runden Leders um die Jungs anzufeuern. Selbst zum abendlichen Training kommen die Fußballverrückten und es herrschft Partystimmung 😉
Als dann die Pakete von Andrew und Niki aus Australien in Chinkonono ankamen, war die Freude natürlich riesig. Es ist wunderbar zu sehen,wie stolz unsere PAF Warriors und Eaglets seitdem aufs Feld laufen und allen ihre neuen Trikots präsentieren.
Natürlich mussten wir erstmal ein paar vernünftige Mannschaftsfotos der Warriors machen als Jule da war.
Das neue Selbstvertrauen, das sie auch durch die neuen Trikots bekommen haben, ist mehr als offensichtlich. Kein Wunder, dass sie gegen das viel stärkere Team aus Mguba gewonnen haben. 😉
Schaut euch einfach mal das Video an um einen kleinen Eindruck zu bekommen. Unsere PAF Warriors spielen in Orange 😉
Und Fun Fact: Lloyd’s Sohn Junior ist wirklich ein vielversprechendes Talent. Man kann nur hoffen, dass er bald entdeckt wird.
Die Begeisterung im Dorf ist wirklich unglaublich. Guckt mal, was passiert ist, nachdem Nestor (Lloyd’s ältester Sohn) das Siegtor geschossen hat. Das nenn ich mal echte Fans 😉

Müsst ihr auch grinsen, wenn ihr solche Bilder seht? Ich kann mir nicht helfen. Aber es macht mich glücklich, das zu sehen. Nochmals vielen Dank an alle Spender, die es unseren Jungs ermöglichen Fußball zu spielen! Solche Dinge machen die kleinen, aber feinen Unterschiede im Leben der Menschen in Chinkonono aus.

The PAF Warriors on the March

Time to rest…at least a little bit

After all the stress and adventures of the Agriculture Shows Lloyd went back to Chinkonono Village to get some well deserved rest. He just sent a little update on what he is doing these days.

“Some friends asked me where, when and how i relax….and this is how i do it 😉

Dig water wells for old and young:

Digging in :)
Digging in 🙂

Teach kids how to read and write, assist kids from vulnerable homes with books,pencils and school fees, assist community schools and build classrooms:

Lloyd giving classes
Lloyd giving classes
School Building
School Building


Plant, raise and distribute fruit tree seedlings to vulnerable homes, schools and orphanages:

Family Time
Family Time

Supporting local football teams with balls and jerseys:

Football all over ;)
Football all over 😉

…… weird but true. That is my party, my holiday and my picnic 🙂 “

Enjoy your time off, Lloyd! 🙂

Time to rest…at least a little bit