A Long-Awaited Visitor ;)

Finally! Julie made it back to Zambia after 2 years. And guess where she went: Chinkonono Village of course!

Check our awesome new Slideshow to see what happened in the village and what progress we made while Julie was there:

Julie had a big To-Do-List to check πŸ˜‰ As you know we have been announcing a market place and kitchen for ages. So we planned to get both structures roofed within that week. We managed for the kitchen. So that is good. The market we only could do half because we lacked grass to that the roof the traditional Tonga way. But we are confident that it will be done very soon.

Also our building that houses the library and sewing room for now was supposed to be painted nicely. Unfortunately there was a lot of plastering to do to fix dents and window sills. But Jason and Albert worked hard. So with a slight delay the ladies, Julie, Wesley and many other hands could start painting.

For the rooms we chose water-based white paint and for the lower part white oil paint so we can wash of prints of dirty kids’ hands πŸ˜‰ Door and window frames are painted in a dark green. For the front wall and pillars outside we chose white oil paint to be able to wash them too. Also Wesley and Julie practiced their sign writer skills and wrote Planting A Future onto the top part of the front wall.

What can I say? It looks beautiful and bright and people can see it from afar. Our members are so proud, especially the women. They say that nobody has a nicely painted wall our house at home. And to quote Media: “Not all men’s work has to be done by men only. We can do that too!”…she refers to the whole painting job, which was very interesting and exciting for our ladies.

But now lean back and take 12 minutes to watch the Slideshow! Please share if you like it! πŸ™‚

A Long-Awaited Visitor ;)

So many mouths to feed…

You probably all have heard about those huge African families, right? Well…you should meet Zaire. He is married to 4 women and lives with all of them and their children and even grandchildren. As you can imagine it is not easy for people in the village to provide for all of those people and feed all those hungry mouths.

Zaire and parts of his family ;)
Zaire and parts of his family πŸ˜‰


So Zaire was really happy when PAF decided to donate a few trees for him and his families. We gave him 2 pawpaws and oranges and some other fruit trees in December 2015. Now check out how well he takes care of those plants and how big they have grown already!

Lloyd took us on a little visit to Zaire’s home. So check that video and meet Zaire:



What a happy and lucky man πŸ˜‰


So many mouths to feed…

Chilling at the Beach? … Oh no ;)

How time flies…almost one week ago Bruni arrived at Zambia and went to Chinkonono Village. The first 2 days, as you know, Lloyd stayed in Kalomo to deal with some paperwork and organize building materials and cement.

But don’t think Bruni was just sitting down and enjoying the sun. Well…she might have done that once in a while, having a coffee πŸ˜‰ But she also went around and met lots of new people and old friends.

Bruni inspecting the greenhouse and seedlings
Bruni inspecting the greenhouse and seedlings


So lots of stories were exchanged and lots of places visited. Of course our PAF crew and Bruni took care of our little breadfruit seedlings and made sure they were all put into planting bags and being watered. So no worries…they are all fine and getting used to their new home! πŸ™‚

Also Bruni visited the construction site of our new building. She had a proper look at what we achieved so far and talked to the guys in charge about the next steps and how to best get the flooring and plastering done when Lloyd comes back with the materials.


Obviously everyone is eager to learn from new things from Bruni and she willingly shares all she knows with our PAF crew. But it is a give and take, like everywhere in life. So she is learning a lot of new things too.

We can’t wait to hear more about what is happening down there in Zambia. What about you? πŸ˜‰

Chilling at the Beach? … Oh no ;)

The German Zambian Adventure has begun ;)

So…I know you guys are all eager to know if all went well with Bruni and the plants. And I can tell you now: It did! πŸ™‚

See for yourself:

Lloyd and Bruni with the breadfruit babies...all well and healthy
Lloyd and Bruni with the breadfruit babies…all well and healthy

Tired and exhausted after more than 19 hours of traveling Bruni got to Livingstone at around noon today. Lloyd had some difficulties finding a car to pick her up at the airport. But as things are in Africa all worked out. Also Grime was there to welcome her because he had some paperwork to do for PAF and did not want to miss the chance be one of the first to see Bruni again πŸ˜‰

So after the first warm hugs obviously everyone wanted to see how our breadfruit babies were doing. And what can I say? They all looked healthy and green and well.

Happy smiles :)
Happy smiles πŸ™‚

Having checked on that and a little rest they all went to a big supermarket to buy some food for the time in the village. If you guys knew the road conditions…you would probably buy food for a whole months πŸ˜‰ But Bruni had a well prepared shopping list because she might or might not plan to show some exquisite German cooking skills πŸ˜‰

So late afternoon they took the car to make their way to Kalomo first. And…TIA…not even an hour after leaving Livingstone they had a breakdown with the car. Nothing happened and everyone and everything is fine. But it delayed them quite a bit.


But finally they made it all to Kalomo. Bruni, the plants and Grime already left for Chinkonono Village and hit the probably bumpiest “road” (if you dare calling it a road) you can imagine. Lloyd stayed in Kalomo because there still is some money business to deal with so we can buy cement, paint and building materials to finish up our sewing room and library. He will be going to the village as soon as possible when things are sorted out in town.

So for now…we will have to see and wait for any news from Zambia. Nobody knows if and when they will find networt…but latest end of April we will feed you bit by bit with everything that happened πŸ˜‰ So stay tuned…

The German Zambian Adventure has begun ;)

The big Journey begins…288 breadfruit trees travel to Zambia :)

Whoa…2 intense days lay behind our German ladies Julie and Bruni. It was long prepared and now we made it. Together with our dear friends from the Breadfruit Institute, National Tropical Botanical Garden andΒ  Global Breadfuit we organized a second delivery of breadfruit trees from Germany to Zambia.

Final destination...PAF in Zambia :)
Final destination…PAF in Zambia πŸ™‚

Lloyd and our Zambian team did not know about it for quite a while. We decided to make it a xmas surprise for our PAF team. And Global Breadruit and the Breadfuit Institute sponsored us 288 little trees. That is almost double the amount of last time. Super exciting and we are more than humbled and grateful.

After getting all papers and permits done Garry from Global Breadfruit packed our 288 not so little friends and made his way to Berlin to bring the plants to Bruni, who is the one taking the breadfruit trees down to Zambia this time.

Garry, Bruni and Julie πŸ™‚

He explained a lot about breadfruit and Global Breadfruit. Great to meet the people behind Global Breadfruit. Also we are very happy to see how big and healthy all the plants look. They are beautiful and will be even more once they get planted into Zambian soil. Also this time we have 3 different types of breadfruit because the usually grow in slightly different times of the year. That way we try to guarantee that we will have breadfruit all year round in Zambia soon.

After some emotional stress of trying to figure out how to best pack them and how to check in the luggage we finally agreed on the best solution and now the plants are safely packed and ready to fly to Zambia πŸ™‚ I wonder if they are as excited as we all are.

So Tuesday afternoon Bruni and Julie made their way to Tegel Airport in Berlin where Bruni was supposed to start her journey to Livingstone. There Lloyd will pick her up and take her to Chinkonono Village. Our PAF team in Zambia is so excited to see her again already.


You guys all have no idea how much luggage Bruni has and how heavy all that stuff is πŸ˜‰ And it is not just plants…I am sure there are some more nice surprises in there as well…

But for now…keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and all the plants will get there safely and Bruni has safe flights!


bye bye...see you all in Zambia
bye bye…see you all in Zambia

Check back on us for more updates! We will keep you posted!

Also again…huge thanks to the Breadfruit Institute and Global Breadfruit: Josh, Blair, Amy, Diane, Garry and everyone involved who made this possible! You guys rock and we heart you!

The big Journey begins…288 breadfruit trees travel to Zambia :)

Following The Thread

Thanks to our dear friends and partners from The Repairer of The Breach from Jamaica we were able to buy 2 sewing machinges already. And it looks like we will soon get 2 more.

So besides our main project of growing trees we are busy building a sewing and show room. So the we can start creating jobs for the PAF women to give them a perspective to raise some money and also sew clothes for their families.

Of course most of the women know some basics of making clothes from fabric. But we decided to search for help and find a professional tailor who will teach us properly. This teacher was found in our dear Mrs Siankainde. She lives near by and is a professional tailor. She decided to help us for free. Zikomo mama!

PAF women learning the basics of tailoring from Mrs Siankainde


So as many times as possible our PAF women gather in our temporary sewing room…oh, and Lloyd is taking part in those lessons too πŸ˜‰ Fun is guaranteed.

So far they have been doing the basics like machine parts, accessories and safety to get started. But also types of fabrics like nylon, cotton and silk. Very interesting for everyone were types of stitches like english and french seam or running seam. Lloyd just told me that by the end of the month he will be better than Calvin Klein πŸ˜‰


Anonther important thing most of the women did never really learned but only anticipated is proper measuring and cutting of fabrics. But this makes a huge difference for the outcome.


Of course we are also doing some practicals already and try to sew the first things like girls’ skirts and dresses which came out quite good. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of that. But here are some indefinable attempts πŸ˜‰

some stuff we made and still work on


Oh…in case you now think we just randomly tailor things…no no no. Of course we will be doing the most recent fashion trends. We got our model patterns…Calvin Klein, Gucci? Ah come on, folks…go Zambian style!


One huge plan we have is to provide school uniforms for Nguba School, Singwamba School and Katanda School. The new term starts January 1st. So we intend to buy materials to tailor those uniforms for sale. That way we can raise some money for our other projects and the construction of the buildings. But as it always is…we need funds and donations to buy fabrics. So if you want to help us out…we would really appreciate that. And the kids would go modelling with the new PAF collection πŸ˜‰

Following The Thread

Theatersport Berlin supports PAF

We are happy to announce that we have a new supporter on board. This time it is a big fish: Theatersport Berlin.

Theatersport Berlin now features us πŸ™‚


They are one of the most famous and popular improv theatre companies in Germany. For more than 20 years those guys perform their shows every week in Berlin and at various improv festivals all over the world.

You wonder how Planting A Future and an improv theatre company come to partner? Well…maybe you should know that improv theatre means that the actors do not rehearse. They just jump on stage and ask the audience for suggestions like places, genres, music styles, authors, centuries, relationships between people, jobs…and then it goes 5-4-3-2-1-GO! And a scene starts. They just make up everything that happens on stage. Their motto is “We don’t know what we play, we only know that we will play”.

Makes a lot of sense if you connect that to Planting A Future, right? We improvise a lot too. We do have ideas and plans, but we don’t always know how to get there. So we just take what life throws at us and make the best of it. At the end of the day we do achieve what we aimed at.

How we got in touch with Theatersport Berlin? Well…Julie made that possible. She is a big fan and has been at their shows for years now. Obviously she made friends with the actors at some point and now helps out a bit at the shows and takes the photos for their Facebook page. Her love for Africa and Zambia are well known there and when she told them about Planting A Future they straight away agreed to support us. πŸ™‚

Right now we are still talking about how Theatersport can support and help us. We have some nice ideas which are still in the making. So keep posted. For now we are being featured on their website.

Thank you so much, guys! DANKE!


Please give them a “thumbs up” on Facebook: Theatersport Berlin


Theatersport Berlin supports PAF