Ta Te Ti Tomato

Since we moved our PAF garden closer to PAF Center it is much easier to grow veggies. People work hard to make sure they supply their families and the village with veggies. This season we focus on tomatoes. Besides cabbage tomatoes are among the most important and popular ibgredients in Zambian cuisine. So it only makes sense to grow a larger quantity of them at our PAF garden.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come that easy. With dry season around it is very difficult to water the plants. Mostly women have to carry buckets and buckets and buckets from the river or a well to water the plants. Not even mentioning the actual gardening work. You get the picture…

But just a few days ago all the work started to pay off and the first harvest could be brought in. What a joy πŸ™‚

Of course we have to face the fact we cannot conserve tonatoes properly. But we are trying new methods to keep them longer. One of them is to keep ashes from cooking and put the fresh tomatoes in a box with cold ashes and store them away in a dry and cool place. Let’s hope it works out!

Ta Te Ti Tomato

Chinkonono Shopping Mall

You guys all know what it is like: you just feel an itch and wanna go buy some stuff or go window shopping.

All that is impossible in Chinkonono. You eat what you grow, you wear what you sew or can get on rare occasions in town. The next shop is about 6km walking distance away. And you know…the items you buy will have to be carried back home again.

So PAF decided to re-use the sewing room and make it a shop.

Wesley nd the rest of the members kickstarted this whole project. Shelves have now been carpented and will be set up in the next few days.

Once the shop is all set up our members will sell tomatoes and veggies, bread and maybe cake, the clothes and bags we sew. Step by step we will try to widen the range of products. But to do so we need to find out what people are interested in.

Hopefully the shop will attract and draw more people towrds PAF Center. But it certainly will save our villagers lots of time and effort.

Of course using the sewing room is only a temporary solution until we manage to construct another building amd move the library there to seperate it from the buzzing business πŸ˜‰

Chinkonono Shopping Mall

Following The Thread

Thanks to our dear friends and partners from The Repairer of The Breach from Jamaica we were able to buy 2 sewing machinges already. And it looks like we will soon get 2 more.

So besides our main project of growing trees we are busy building a sewing and show room. So the we can start creating jobs for the PAF women to give them a perspective to raise some money and also sew clothes for their families.

Of course most of the women know some basics of making clothes from fabric. But we decided to search for help and find a professional tailor who will teach us properly. This teacher was found in our dear Mrs Siankainde. She lives near by and is a professional tailor. She decided to help us for free. Zikomo mama!

PAF women learning the basics of tailoring from Mrs Siankainde


So as many times as possible our PAF women gather in our temporary sewing room…oh, and Lloyd is taking part in those lessons too πŸ˜‰ Fun is guaranteed.

So far they have been doing the basics like machine parts, accessories and safety to get started. But also types of fabrics like nylon, cotton and silk. Very interesting for everyone were types of stitches like english and french seam or running seam. Lloyd just told me that by the end of the month he will be better than Calvin Klein πŸ˜‰


Anonther important thing most of the women did never really learned but only anticipated is proper measuring and cutting of fabrics. But this makes a huge difference for the outcome.


Of course we are also doing some practicals already and try to sew the first things like girls’ skirts and dresses which came out quite good. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of that. But here are some indefinable attempts πŸ˜‰

some stuff we made and still work on


Oh…in case you now think we just randomly tailor things…no no no. Of course we will be doing the most recent fashion trends. We got our model patterns…Calvin Klein, Gucci? Ah come on, folks…go Zambian style!


One huge plan we have is to provide school uniforms for Nguba School, Singwamba School and Katanda School. The new term starts January 1st. So we intend to buy materials to tailor those uniforms for sale. That way we can raise some money for our other projects and the construction of the buildings. But as it always is…we need funds and donations to buy fabrics. So if you want to help us out…we would really appreciate that. And the kids would go modelling with the new PAF collection πŸ˜‰

Following The Thread

Another Brick In The Wall…

Our construction of the building that will contain both a sewing and a show room for clothes is progressing now.

We are still struggling to get or produce pan bricks. In total we will need about 4.000 (plus a few spare ones in case something happens…you know…). Until now we do have half of those already. Lloyd decided to donate another 1.000 and we will surely find a way to get the remainder.

But: Good news is…taaadddaaaaa! We did start the foundation for the sewing room. And everything else will come bit by bit so that we can open the building in spring next year.

The foundation for our little sewing and show room building
The foundation for our little sewing and show room building

But as you can see all those bricks we need are not even close to the construction side. That means we have to transport all 2.000 we already have from the storing place to the construction side.

Luckily enough Grime’s father is a generous man and donated his ox cart to PAF so that we can ferry the bricks. Thank you!

Grime's father who donated his ox cart to PAF
Grime’s father who donated his ox cart to PAF


Getting the ox cart ready for ferrying bricks
Getting the ox cart ready for ferrying bricks


Work in progress… πŸ˜‰

Another Brick In The Wall…