Stories of Fate II – Memory

When I recieved this story from Lloyd it got me thinking. Aren’t we all humans? Why do people get looked at or chased away or treated differently because of disabilities? Please take 5 minutes to read it. It is very touching and sad…

Little Memory...only 3 years old
Little Memory…only 3 years old

This is a very sad story about a little girl named Memory. Her family lives 2 houses away from PAF Community Center and thus is my neighbour.

As it is very often with girls from vulnerable families, Memory’s mother was married off at 15 years. A year later Memory was born and all seemed well.

But as months went by Memory’s agemates began to sit and crawl about but Memory couldn’t do either. All she did was lie on her mat and watched her peers play.

At the age of three it became obvious that there was a serious problem with her. She was taken to various hospitals and traditional doctors but her condition did not change.

She isn't even able to play with her selfmade ball...
She isn’t even able to play with her selfmade ball…


This made relatives edgy and all sorts of accusations flew around until Memory and her mom were chased from home.
Memory and her mom are now in Chinkonono and are being looked after by the girl’s father.

...her home in Chinkonono
…her home in Chinkonono


Memory and her mother
Memory and her mother

The family still hides the girl from the community because people are still afraid when others are different or sick. I told them to bring her outside so she can live like us all. Memory needs special attention from physiotherapists. She can not walk, neither does she sit and crawl properly. She’s only 3 years old and chances of getting better are high.




All that being said we can only ask you to keep this little lady in your thoughts. It is a tough fate. Her family has no financial means to properly help her and afford the medical treatment she needs. If you guys want to support Memory and her mom please don’t hesitate to contact us! It is not too late…together we can still change Memory’s life and bring the smile back on her cute little face.

You know we do offer a school sponsorship programm. Even though Memory is still too young for school she does need special attention and a sponsor so we can arrange medical treatment for her. Also in just a little while she will be old enough for pre-school. But as things are now, she will not be able to attend. Please think about it and lets change a child’s life!

Love without Boarders!

Stories of Fate II – Memory