Water Blues

Dry Season…it truely is a challenge for all of Africa. Now, Chinkonono Village, is no exception from the rule. We do struggle a lot this year. The rivers are almost dried out.

Just wanna wash your hands? Well...try :/
Just wanna wash your hands? Well…try :/

So our only chance to get water for our community, cooking, washing, watering our plants and seedlings is digging wells and going to boreholes far away. Our women sometimes walk hours with huge containers of water balancing on their heads.

Luckily we do have borehole at Singwamba School. It is “only” about 6km away…that is not far, you think? Well…consider that most people do not have access to a car or ox cart and have to walk this distance…multiple times per day.


Well…and also we do have a construction site and as you might know, building needs water too. So just check out how we get water there πŸ˜‰


But sometimes…sometimes fate strikes us and we can not use the borehole at Singwamba School. That means we have to go to Sinsimuka for water. And that is about 25km away from Chinkonono…


See all that? Well..you probably now understand why one of our top priorities at the moment is to raise funds to drill our own borehole for the community center! Keep your fingers crossed that we will achieve that goal soon. If you want to support us by donating some money for the borehole, please contact us! Thank you so so much!

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Water Blues

The Source of Life…Water

Water…everybody says it: It is the source of life. But people in the western world so very often take water for granted. Where does it come from? Out of the wall? Well..practically yes…there, in Europe or the US or Australia.

But in Zambia it is not to be taken for granted. Especially in rural areas like Chinkonono Village people depend on rivers, rain season and the mercy of the dry season.

When rivers dry out people use the water they stored by building small dams and digging wells. And then it is all about waiting for the water to seep out of the ground so women can scoop it into their buckets and containers.

Even digging doesn't really speed it up
Even digging doesn’t really speed it up


Lots of times children accompany their mothers to wait with them. It is a tedious job to fetch water. Multiple times per day. Especially for PAF because we do have to water our seedlings.


And even then…the water our community members get out of the wells or river is contaminated and dirty. So health risks come up and people get sick. But what can you do? People need to drink. So they take whatever bit of water they can get.

Our main objective for the future is to raise enough funds to drill a borehole. That way we can ensure water supply throughout the whole year. It would help our community to have access to drinking water and also to water our seedlings and plants. Another plus would be the fact that people from surrounding villages would come to Chinkonono and we could also try create income by selling veggies and food to them while they wait for water. So a borehole will change a lot for our community.

The Source of Life…Water