PAF Vegetable Garden

As you probably remember we moved our greenhouses to PAF Center a while ago. This turned out to be very convenient for everyone.

Now we decided to try again with a vegetable garden. So we are now planting our veggies and fixing the shade net to our garden. This has been long in the making and is bearing fruit as all materials are available.


But don’t think all this has been easy. We used some of the money that PAF raised through donations and the annual fees of our supporting members to buy what was missing. But getting the materials from A to B to Chinkonono was a bit of a struggle. Some of those huge poles had to travel for more than 15km on an ox cart. Hard work.

We are using this project to educate members on effective vegetable farming and flower gardening. Kids and youths from Chinkonono can come to PAF Center and learn how to plant and take care of different types of seedlings and also when and how to harvest and re-plant.


Also the garden will be used as a means to raise funds by selling our products at PAF Market. We are planting cabbage, onions, sugar loaf, tomatoes and many other vegetables suitable for the climate and which can be consumed by local people.

PAF Vegetable Garden

Speeding allowed: Moringa Trees in a rush

Planting A Future started out with the idea of growing breadfruit trees in Zambia and distribute those to vulnerable people. We are still working on that and will soon have a surprise and big news for you. So stay tuned 😉

But also we decided to grow local plants as well to enrichen people’s diets. As you know Moringa is the new superfood. Everyone is trying to get their hands on some moringa products for all its “super powers”.

Luckily enough moringa is growing in Zambia. And it grows fast and in vast amounts. So Planting A Future has its own moringa plantations by now. 3 months ago we initiated the project “Plant a moringa for food” so that our community can benefit from those trees too. And now look at this lady plucking leaves for dinner from just 2 months-old plants. Crazy! And I have been told (no names mentioned) that moringa makes the best veggies ever.

This lady is picking the first leaves for dinner
This lady is picking the first leaves for dinner


As you can see moringa trees grow quick. None of those plants is older than 2 or 3 months. From planting the seeds into soil it takes about 3 to 5 days until they sprout, obviously in warm climate. Zambia is an ideal place to grow them. They are drought resistant and do not need a lot of water.

Just a few months after planting the saplings are that big...
Just a few months after planting the saplings are that big…


Still we are looking for possible markets and companies to market our moringa products. We are planning to produce our own PAF moringa products.

If anyone of you guys knows someone or a company or NGO that would be interested in marketing our products please contact us and we can talk things through. These organice products would help Planting A Future raising some money to pursue our missing to plant more fruit trees, create jobs and literate people in our community. That way we could raise some money on our own to keep our projects running and expand.

So please contact us with any useful information!



Speeding allowed: Moringa Trees in a rush