Ta Te Ti Tomato

Since we moved our PAF garden closer to PAF Center it is much easier to grow veggies. People work hard to make sure they supply their families and the village with veggies. This season we focus on tomatoes. Besides cabbage tomatoes are among the most important and popular ibgredients in Zambian cuisine. So it only makes sense to grow a larger quantity of them at our PAF garden.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come that easy. With dry season around it is very difficult to water the plants. Mostly women have to carry buckets and buckets and buckets from the river or a well to water the plants. Not even mentioning the actual gardening work. You get the picture…

But just a few days ago all the work started to pay off and the first harvest could be brought in. What a joy 🙂

Of course we have to face the fact we cannot conserve tonatoes properly. But we are trying new methods to keep them longer. One of them is to keep ashes from cooking and put the fresh tomatoes in a box with cold ashes and store them away in a dry and cool place. Let’s hope it works out!

Ta Te Ti Tomato

Let’s be food secure!

One of our main goals is to be food secure…meaning we want people to grow their own fruit trees and veggies so they don’t rely on maize harvest which highly depends on the weather and rains.
So we go around villages and teach people how to do that and how to take care of their plants.
Also we just started our community veggie garden to get more variety in people’s diets.

This family of 6 is food secure. They don’t rely on maize only, but have bananas, oranges and guavas to suppliment them. Families as happy and well nourished as those guys…that is our target.

They are proudly food secure 🙂

Seeing this family we know that even the younger generations will learn how to live in a food secure environment and feed themselves.

Let’s be food secure!