PAF on Instagram now ;)

Whoa…it is happening. Planting A Future is going with the flow. Just yesterday Julie created our new Instagram account. πŸ˜‰

So if you are on there please search for plantingafuture or just click HERE

Also you can just click on the little menu button in the top right corner of the blog and will find the instagram and facebook buttons…just in case, you know πŸ˜‰

Check our social media icons in the menu!
Check our social media icons in the menu!

We hope you will all follow us there and help us spread the word! Looking forward to seeing you on Instagram πŸ˜‰


Also we do get nostalgic at times…Julie had this super cool rubber stamp made and just sent it down to Zambia.

Now we are getting official ;)
Now we are getting official πŸ˜‰

Who wouldn’t want to see their letters and invoices being stamped with this one? πŸ˜‰

PAF on Instagram now ;)

Brick by Brick

You heard about TIA…This Is Africa πŸ˜‰ Everything seems to be working in a slower pace, so does our construction side for the sewing room and library. But eventually we will get there. It is all in the making and we are hoping to finish the building very soon, and still according to our building schedule. It is just a rough task to construct a building with close to no financial means. But we wouldn’t be Planting a Future if that would throw us back.

Are you as curious about it as I was? Well…I could convince Lloyd to send us some pics and reveal the big secret. Checkt that:

Proud "daddy" ;)
Proud “daddy” πŸ˜‰

You know that we actually planned on constructing 2 separate buildings for sewing room and library. Due to some chronic shortage of money we decided to set up both in the same building until we find the financial means to construct a second building.

The building measurs 6m x 6m. There will be 2 rooms in the building. The bigger one will temporarily be used as library and reading room. The smaller one will be occupied by our PAF ladies to store materials and the sewing machines and sell and display clothes they tailor. For the time being they will sew and tailor outside. This also creates quieter environment inside for kids to read and study.


We hope to get the roofing fixed by end of next week, so that we can start flooring and plastering the week after. Then its only painting left.

We recieved a generous donation from Bruni so that we can buy some cement and paint to finish things up. Thank you so so much! We already bought some timber to have furniture made. So we are planning to have 12 chairs and 3 medium-sized tables. But still we are looking to raise money for doors, windows and shelves.

So very soon we will be able to move all the books into the new building. Though we are still facing the problem of light inside the building because we do not have power to install lamps. So if anyone has a smart idea how to get bright lighting inside that suffices for reading and doesn’t require electricity…feel free to contact us about it.

Soon those books dind their new home
Soon those books dind their new home

Thanks again to Murray and everyone who donated and sent us books so far!


Also we are very happy to announce that our dear friends from Repairer of the Breach donated another sewing machine for our ladies. So soon we will be able to work with 3 machines. We are humbled and so grateful.

Our sewing squad holding the uniforms we tailored
Our sewing squad holding the uniforms we tailored
Brick by Brick

Education is the key

Please help us to plant a future and change a kid's life!
Please help us to plant a future and change a kid’s life!

Stories we hate and fear to tell! This boy walked a distance of 11 km just to ask for help from Planting A Future and Lloyd. But he already takes care of other kids’ fees and was not able to help this young man out.

He is 18 years old, but still in grade 8. His father does not care about his schooling. So he has to work in farmers’ maize and cotton fields for his school fees, books and clothes. He is a very good, clever and hardworking boy but fate hasn’t been on his side. He needs k150 (equals about 13,50 USD or 12 Euros) each term for school fees…just that will make a big difference in his life.

For now he has been sent away from school because he was not able to make the payment of fees…but luckily our friends from Repairer Of The Breach jumped in to help this young man. Thanks Carol and Jennifer!

If you guys also want to help kids like him to pay for their school fees, please contact us for information about our sponsorship programme!


Education is the key

Children Sponsorship Programme

Well…2016 has already started. We did take a little break in updating you. But we didn’t sit still. We have been working on various new and old projects.

The sewing and show room is in the making. We are planting lots of trees and are also working on those 5.000 moringa seedlings for the chief.

But one very new project we just started now is a children sponsorship programme. We are trying to find sponsors for kids in need to support them with their school fees. As you can imagine lots of kids come from vulnerable families or are orphans. They are all keen on going to school and learn to change their lives.

One of our first kids we want to introduce is James.

This young little man dreams of becoming a teacher. Despite all his struggles in life he is probably one of the bravest and most cheerful guys you can think of.

Right now we are working on setting up some general “files” for all the kids we are trying to find sponsors for.

School fees differ depending on what school they go to and they are needed 3 times a year for each semester or once a year.

If you are interested in helping kids like James, please feel free to contact us at and ask for more details and info. We are more than happy to introduce you to the kids we want to help.



Love without boarders!


Check back here for more updates on the sponsorship programme!

Children Sponsorship Programme

Another Brick In The Wall…

Our construction of the building that will contain both a sewing and a show room for clothes is progressing now.

We are still struggling to get or produce pan bricks. In total we will need about 4.000 (plus a few spare ones in case something happens…you know…). Until now we do have half of those already. Lloyd decided to donate another 1.000 and we will surely find a way to get the remainder.

But: Good news is…taaadddaaaaa! We did start the foundation for the sewing room. And everything else will come bit by bit so that we can open the building in spring next year.

The foundation for our little sewing and show room building
The foundation for our little sewing and show room building

But as you can see all those bricks we need are not even close to the construction side. That means we have to transport all 2.000 we already have from the storing place to the construction side.

Luckily enough Grime’s father is a generous man and donated his ox cart to PAF so that we can ferry the bricks. Thank you!

Grime's father who donated his ox cart to PAF
Grime’s father who donated his ox cart to PAF


Getting the ox cart ready for ferrying bricks
Getting the ox cart ready for ferrying bricks


Work in progress… πŸ˜‰

Another Brick In The Wall…

Small things can change lives

WOW! We are so humbled and grateful. We just recieved a message of our dear friend and supporter Murray from Australia. He loves Zambia and found our project online. Since that day he has been soreading the word and been supporting us.

A few months ago we came up with the idea of creating a reading room and small library for the kids and people in the village.
He loved the idea so much that he spontaneously shared this idea on Facebook and asked his friends and local schools to donate books for that cause.
The feedback was amazing. People sent him books and books and books.

Just look at how crammed classes in Zambia can be. It is almost impossibΓΆe for kids to actually read and find the joy in reading because of lacking books and school materials.

Look how crammed classes are...

Just a few days ago he was able to send the first box to Zambia.
Shipping will take 60 to 90 days. But we have no rush. πŸ™‚ It is mainly books for the young ones, as Murray says. Also he will send more once we see that they actually get there.

Murray sent the first huge box on its way πŸ™‚

Just to quote Murray here:
“I was packing / weighing the box at the Post Office and a very kind and generous Lady donated $50 to the postage when she heard what I was doing .. Thank You kind stranger whose name I did not get.”
WOW again. This is really touching.

Just to mention some people we have to thank for their kind donation:
Katrina Vrenegoor, Jaye Bolte, Quamma Public School, Cobargo Public School, Well Thumbed Books in Cobargo …
Thank you to everyone who supports us. We are humbled.

You guyd have no idea how many sparkling eyes this will bring and what a huge difference and change this will make.


…we will keep you posted. πŸ™‚

Small things can change lives