MC Lloyd on the Mic…a very honest and serious interview

Now that the Provincial Show is over we managed to get a quick little interview with Lloyd. Tune in to see what he has to say. 🙂

Lloyd talks about Planting A Future and all the people behind the scenes, about future prospects and past struggles.

Also he tells us about the past agriculture Shows in Zambia, about the success and about all the attention breadfruit and Planting the Future got. We now have been invited to the National Show in Lusaka. But unfortunately it looks like we might not be able to attend because of lack of money and breadfruit trees, which all have been given out.

It is interesting to hear what Lloyd has to say.

MC Lloyd on the Mic…a very honest and serious interview

Giving some Hope


Imagine becoming an orphan the first day of your life, then being whisked away to an opharnage. Spend 6 years there and then coming back home to an alcholic father, extreme poverty and a caring step mom. Imagine the horror! That boy has seen it all and will probably end his life poor and illiterate. Its people like him who motivate us to plant trees in villages and schools just to give a little hope.


‘Silhouette of destiny’
so dark and haunting
tender arms grooping for hope
his voice, lone and icy
his eyes on fire
his belly moans
he’s thrown his dice
and we look the other way
lest he reminds us of our fears
and mess our illusions of grandeur But he lives and we live
In this silhoutte of destiny
none is the winner
see he is still there
a reminder of our vulnerability.

– Lloyd Kasela –



Target Family.jpg

Patrick is married to three women and has twenty children.He is a small scare farmer withfour cows. He lost 25 cows from corridor disease.Due to global warming and lack of farming implements the family is not able to grow enough food to meet its needs. It is a hard time indeed from July to April when the little maize runs out. Planting a future is targeting such families.It is raising breadfruit, guavas, orange, moringa and pawpaw seedlings in order to donate to these families as a cheaper and environment friendly mode of guaranteeing food security. Help the project reach as many vulnerable families and schools as possible.

Together we can plant a better future.


Giving some Hope

Challenges on the way

Its just a bit more than month before the seedlings arrive and no government dept or church group or NGO is ready to help. It is silence or Russian roullete as usual and we contacted 22!!! Hence we have to draw water from the river to water the seedlings for 3 months, walk a distance of 20km to educate people about breadfruit and then help families/schools plant them and care for them. Its hectic but worth it, guys. And we are doing it cos we planting a future!

Challenges on the way