May the Games begin…

Competition time 🙂
Look at the community football teams we support!
The blue and red jerseys for Mayobo Hotspurs were donated by the Butterfly Tree Charity and the green ones for Nampuyani were donated by Planting A Future. Don’t they look great? 🙂
…oh and the ball brought by Bruni when she visited Planting A Future.
Game on!

May the games begin...
May the Games begin…

The Butterfly Tree Charity

Friends, three years ago I began the search for a friend to help us improve Nampuyani community school. It was in such a pathetic situation that fellow teachers, my family and even supervisors thought I had gone mad to come and work in such a school. This almost got me down but the light and hope I saw in the pupils’ eyes spurred me on. I went from office to office, NGO to NGO, from church to church looking for help. But all I got were doors slamming in my face, folks thinking I was crazy or a conman. This went on until I meet the Butterfly Tree Charity. They understood our predicament and were willing to help. Friends, your prayers have helped. Come to Nampuyani in a few months and see what these people have done for the humble and poor children of Nampuyani.


The Butterfly Tree Charity