A Christmas To Remember

It is again the end of year and everyone and most people are feasting and partying. Chinkonono village was not left behind again. Our PAF member Bruni from Germany made sure the PAF crew celebrated. So Bruni donated money for the event.

Just look at how happy our PAF kids Orsborn, Allan, Ryton, Cyford, Ruth and Told are!

It was supposed to be a PAF family get together, but when the village got wind of it they, too, invited themselves. I mean, who wouldn’t if there is food involved? 😉
This was quite a challenge to adapt to: from planning for 40 people to 160 now. But as it is with PAF, no one was turned away and miraculasly everyone had his fill of food, drink, laughter, joy and music.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

But as you all know, a party does not prepare itself or little elves come and do it. So of course our members had a lot of work to do before the feasting.

First of all we had to decide where the food should be served and we were lucky enough that we could use the building that our dear friends Repairer of the Breach built near to PAF Center, the Brain Shapers Learning Center Zambia. Thank you so much, guys!!

Well…some decoration had to be organized. Funnily enough the men took care of that part. Lloyd, Patrick, Effeso and Phillip sat down and used what they had in their gardens to make the room look nicely. We are talking about banana leaves which were being cut into a “Merry Xmas” lettering by Lloyd. Just take some white paper and glue….tadaaaa 😉 Now add some of thosepoor man roses, the bagavarias. The deep purple reddish hues will lighten the Christmas mood. Doesn’t look too bad, does it?

Now the major thing everybody was looking forward to: FOOD 😉
Our PAF ladies spent hours and hours cooking in our community kitchen at PAF Center. Rice had to be cooked, nsima had to be stirred and stirred and stirred. And if any of you ever tried cooking nsima, you will know what hard work that is. Also some goat stew and chicken were prepared, scones baked and drinks served.
Just imagine you would have to cook for 160 people, who initially were supposed to be only 40 😉

Ladies, good job!! You guys rock! A big twalumba to Jane, Rosa, Venulli, Bina Bra, Bina Fortune and the rest of our PAF heroines 🙂

Before food was being served Patrick showed us his geeky dance to pass some time while the ladies were cooking.

Meanwhile…preperations went on, heavy loads to carry 😉

Looks quite heavy…come on guys, it’s just some rice 😉

Just enjoy our PAF ladies and some kids marching in to the sounds of “My African Dream” 🙂

And then…then…the waiting had an end and finally food was served. Everyone was in such a good mood.

But even serving the food turned out to be hard work…just look at those plates! Incredible! Also make sure you check out our “Christmas Tree” Zambian style 😉 Since we lack a real one, we put some Elephant Flower…you know: attitude is everything 😉

And then the feasting began. Everyone enjoyed a day full of laughter and fun…and a full belly.

In summary what was meant to be a PAF get together ended up as a village party and left everyone happy and satisfied. It was so lively and colourful that it was a Christmas to remember.

Thank you, Bruni! Twalumba! ❤

PAF is wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Go, 2018!

Thank you and Twalumba to all our members, donors, supporters, friends and crew! Without all you guys PAF would not be happening!

A Christmas To Remember

Christmas is all around us

As you guy know our friends from Repairer Of The Breach sponsored our PAF xmas party. Lloyd just sent us a little report. Enjoy your read and merry xmas again!

“Christmas is a time of sharing. Family members and friends gather from far and wide to celebrate and reunite.
We in Chinkonono village were not left out of the festivities. Just like others around the world we gathered together to eat, sing and pray. It was indeed a wonderful time to see all members of the village assemble in the spirit of oneness.

This special christmas was made possible by PAF and our partners from ROTB. They donated money earlier on already for sewing machines and fabrics gave PAF money to purchase food stuff for the event. From the funds we were able to buy three bags of rice, two bags of maize meal, a bag of flour, 10 goats, 10 chickens and also some snacks for children.

It was a big day. Food was prepared by PAF and 248 people were fed. But it was not only feasting. We also used the event to educate the village on what Planting A Future was doing

These are:

  1. raising fruit trees seedlings for homes, schools and clinics.
  2. providing tailoring skills to people through the PAF-ROTB tailoring project.
  3. providing school sponsorship for hard working pupils from needy families
  4. sourcing for donations, information and advice from wellwishers, friends and donors for installing boreholes, libraries, schools
  5. encouraging the community through practical interventions and teach them new new ideas such as preserving fruits and vegetables by sun drying and solving problems like damming streams.

It was also an oppportunity to foster love and understanding among community members. Love without borders and love your neighbour as you love yourself were the themes. A pastor from the SDA Church preached a sermon from the book of Nehemiah on service to others Nehemiah 13 vs 14, psalms 133 vs 1 on brotherhood.
There was so much food that everyone ate to his or her full and even managed to carry some food to their homes. We also had two bags of rice and a bag of maize meal left.  These were donated to four old widows living on their own.

This was a big miracle for the village as nothing of its kind has ever happened. There was so much gratitude from the village to PAF and ROTB for feeding and bringing the village together.
It was indeed a Christmas.”

Christmas is all around us

PAF women thank our donors for the sewing machines…and sing and dance

As you guys might have noticed…in the past days we recieved a generous donation from Repairer of the Breach Inc. to buy 2 sewing machines.

This morning Lloyd sent a video he took at Chinkonono Village. It shows our PAF ladies dancing and singing full of joy.

They are so happy and sing about all the development this generous act will bring and that it will help end poverty. They thank our donors.

Also those smart ladies took their chance and have been smuggling in all their fabrics and first tailoring attempts 😉 Sneaky. But our PAF collection will be en vogue soon 😉 We can’t wait to see more.

PAF women thank our donors for the sewing machines…and sing and dance

Tailoring our Future…with some help from Jamaica

Big things keep happening for Planting A Future these days. First we recieved 400 € from our friends in Germany to buy building materials for the 2 planned new buildings: a sewing room with veranda and a small library.

Now we are happy to announce a new cooperation with another non-profit organisation from Jamaica, Repairer Of The Breach Inc. 🙂 Please check out their Facebook Page and support them as much as you support us!

Our new partners from Jamaica: Repairer Of The Breach Inc.
Our new partners from Jamaica: Repairer Of The Breach Inc.

They transferred another $US 260 so we could finally buy 2 sewing machines for the PAF women in our village and community.

Our ladies can't really believe that this is real ;)
Our ladies can’t really believe that this is real 😉

As you can imagine the ladies have been delighted. Happy faces all over the place. They were checking on the sewing machines straight away. The ones knowing how they work started teaching the others. Zambian Sewing 101 😉

First sewing "lessons" started straight away
First sewing “lessons” started straight away

Our women suddenly went off, just to come back with all sorts of fabrics and chitenge that they could find and test the machines. Believe me…no fabric will escape their swift fingers and the needles now.

Now no fabric has a chance to escape our ladies' hands and the needle ;)
Now no fabric has a chance to escape our ladies’ hands and the needle 😉


No we can ensure that they learn how to tailor and sew clothes for their families and for sale. They will keep the biggest part of their benefit to feed their families, but also give back a little amout to PAF. That way we can make sure to keep our costs covered and invest in other things again.

Next step now is to finish the construction of the 2 new buildings, which we plan to be done with in spring 2016. Keep your fingers crossed. We are on it!

Big thanks again to Repairer Of The Breach Inc. for the generous donation. Special thanks go to our dear friend and supporter Carol Williams who always supported us right from the start! All this will change a lot of people’s lives!

Tailoring our Future…with some help from Jamaica