Children Sponsorship Programme

Well…2016 has already started. We did take a little break in updating you. But we didn’t sit still. We have been working on various new and old projects.

The sewing and show room is in the making. We are planting lots of trees and are also working on those 5.000 moringa seedlings for the chief.

But one very new project we just started now is a children sponsorship programme. We are trying to find sponsors for kids in need to support them with their school fees. As you can imagine lots of kids come from vulnerable families or are orphans. They are all keen on going to school and learn to change their lives.

One of our first kids we want to introduce is James.

This young little man dreams of becoming a teacher. Despite all his struggles in life he is probably one of the bravest and most cheerful guys you can think of.

Right now we are working on setting up some general “files” for all the kids we are trying to find sponsors for.

School fees differ depending on what school they go to and they are needed 3 times a year for each semester or once a year.

If you are interested in helping kids like James, please feel free to contact us at and ask for more details and info. We are more than happy to introduce you to the kids we want to help.



Love without boarders!


Check back here for more updates on the sponsorship programme!

Children Sponsorship Programme