(Xmas) Wish List

A “shopping list” of items we urgently need for the project:

  • a 5000 l tank: 3.900 Kwacha ( ca. 490 Euros or 615 US Dollars)
  • a 1000 l tank: 1.000 Kwacha ( ca. 130 Euros or 160 US Dollars)
  • 2 box wires: 1.990 Kwacha ( ca. 250 Euros or 315 US Dollars)
  • 1 water pump: 3.500 Kwacha ( ca. 440 Euros or 555 US Dollars)
  • 2 wheelbarrows: 1.400 Kwacha ( ca. 180 Euros or 225 US Dollars)
  • 2 shovels: 140 Kwacha (ca. 18 Euros or 22 US Dollars)
  • 2 garden forks: 130 Kwacha ( ca. 17 Euros or 21 US Dollars)
  • 2 rolls barbed wire: 1.590 Kwacha (ca. 200 Euros or 250 US Dollars)
  • 2 pruning shears: 110 Kwacha (ca. 14 Euros or 18 US Dollars)
  • 1 sprayer: 395 Kwacha ( ca. 50 Euros or 65 US Dollars)
  • inlet pipes: 2.400 Kwacha ( ca. 305 Euros or 380 US Dollars)
  • outlet pipes: 4.800 Kwacha ( ca. 610 Euros or 760 US Dollars)
  • 2 shade clothes: 2.500 Kwacha ( ca. 315 Euros or 395 US Dollars)
  • shade netting: 600 Kwacha ( ca. 75 Euros or 95 US Dollars)
  • tankstand: 3.200 Kwacha (ca. 405 Euros or 505 US Dollars)

..and an old motorcycle for touring villages.

P.S. “Kwacha” in English means “sunrise”. So please help us making the sun rise and shine for Zambian people. We are happy about any kind of donations, tools or seeds as much as financial.

If you want to help us out to plant the future for Zambia, please don’t be shy and kindly donate to our bank account. We guarantee that every cent will only be used for the project.

Those are our bank details:

Account Holder: Brunhilde Friedrich

IBAN: DE55 2004 1111 0436 6464 00


Reference: Planting a Future Donation

(Xmas) Wish List

3 thoughts on “(Xmas) Wish List

  1. Hi friends!it may somehow surprise you that funds for this project are in a German account!dont worry because we volunteers in Zambia are working hand in hand with our friends in Germany. we share responsibilities and this has helped us work better. I the project co-ordinator is a teacher hence my role is to educate people about breadfruit,moringa and the importance of household orchads.I also take care of the seedlings and monitor thier growth .Other zambian volunteers go out to collect seeds,water them and assess each household’s vulnerability and give advice on how many trees it needs. Our Germany volunteers source for funds , do the accounts .It is indeed a great family without borders..And you too can join us because we need your skills so that we can plant a future for the Zambian child.THANK YOU .Twalumba.

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